First-time Home Buying

If you think you might be ready to buy your first home, but you’re not completely sure, schedule a meeting with one of our agents. They can sit down with you and go over the pros, cons, and all the little details you might have overlooked. In the meantime, here are a few things to think about:

Are you prepared for home ownership?

There are a lot of factors in owning a home that are never an issue with renting. Repairs, maintenance, insurance, and taxes are a few of the more prominent ones. We can make sure you don’t miss the details.

Can you afford home ownership?

At Allegiant, our agents will go over the total costs of a mortgage with you, calculate a debt-to-income ratio, and make sure you are ready for the step - ensuring that your search stays within the parameters of your budget. We want you to be able to afford to live comfortably and stress-free.

Do you know what you want?

There are lots of little things to think about. For example, if you aren’t an outdoors type, you might want to consider a smaller (or no) lawn. If you enjoy grilling, then a patio is important. Our agents are trained to make sure all your desires are met, even if you haven’t thought of them.

Are you ready to make an offer?

Allegiant’s agents are here to help you get the best deal on the property you find and will assist in the back-and-forth of offers and counter-offers.

Hiring the helpers.

You will need a home inspector and a real estate lawyer that you can trust for your closing. Our agents work with only the best and can refer you to them when the time is right.

The final walkthrough.

At Allegiant, our agents will do one last inspection of the property with you, making sure that everything remains the way it was when you fell in love with your first home.

Our Guarantee

Buying a home is a big step and a major investment. Because of this, you want to hire a broker with only the best agents who are dedicated to meeting all your needs.

At Allegiant, our number one goal is your complete satisfaction - before, during, and after the closing. Our highly trained agents will make sure you have all the listings that match your needs and notify you as soon as new ones become available.

When you find your dream property your agent will be there for the home inspection, making sure that you receive the most accurate report on the property and that any needed repairs are documented or completed.

When it comes time for numbers, your agent’s skill in negotiation will ensure you the best deal possible, and they will be right there with you at closing or represent you in a remote closing.

Even after the deal is made, you can contact your agent at any time if issues arise and they will do their best to help.

All of this combines to make Allegiant the best choice for all your real estate needs.