Going loyally above and beyond.

it is for you, by us.

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allegiant. adjective. Adhering firmly and devotedly, as to a person, a cause, or a duty: constant, faithful, fast, firm, liege, loyal, staunch, steadfast, true.



Let’s face it. In today’s world, it is difficult - and sometimes impossible - to find someone you can trust to be fully on your side. Real estate, in particular, has a reputation for being “every man for himself.” We want to change that.

This is why we chose the name Allegiant

so our customers would know that when we conduct business, it is for them, by us – going loyally above and beyond to meet their needs during and even after the deal is closed. You might say we are knights loyal to you, our liege, as we protect your castle.

Who is Allegiant International Realty?

As friends and colleagues since 2016, Alessandro De Sousa and Fayline Nguyen Dahnke have seen it all in Miami real estate. Specializing in condo sales and apartment rentals throughout the South Florida market has given them a special insight into every part of the region. Adding their extensive backgrounds in customer service, hospitality, and sales to this knowledge, Alessandro and Fayline have joined forces to create Allegiant International Realty. Their ambition is to operate a seamless, stress-free real estate experience with integrity at the core of every transaction. Both have worked separately in the property management field since 2011, so by combining forces they have the ability to provide you with double the representation – after all, two brokers are better than one!

Meet Our Team

Fayline Nguyen Dahnke


Fayline began her career in real estate in 2011, selling and managing high-end properties in Monaco. While attending college in Miami she fell in love with the area and decided to move there. A high-energy, twenty-first-century businesswoman, she is one of the most visible, driven, and successful luxury rental brokers in the city.

With extensive relationships across all neighborhoods from Miami to Ft Lauderdale, clients appreciate her compassionate and devoted nature and her expertise in navigating the ever-changing Miami market. Her fluency in French, German, and Spanish only add to her appeal as an international real estate force.

Fayline spends her spare time challenging herself, whether it is through reading, conversation, or the latest roller coaster. She also enjoys indulging her passion for interior design through home décor and antique hunting.

Alessandro De Sousa

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Alessandro was born in Rio, so Portuguese and Spanish are a part of his life. His family moved to Boston’s North Shore when he was five, and he grew up working for the family business: high-end residential remodeling and construction. 

In 2011, Alessandro struck out on his own and spent time working in property management while pursuing his real estate career. He is now consistently on top of new developments in the luxury market, with a keen eye for great values and investment opportunities.

Alessandro’s goal with Allegiant is to combine hospitality with real estate, anticipating the needs of his clients and treating those needs as if they were his own. Passionate and dedicated to exceeding expectations, Alessandro always tries to be one step ahead.

When he isn't helping people find their perfect home, Alessandro enjoys relaxing with outdoor activities such going to the beach or cruising on his Harley.


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